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Battling Blockchain Vulnerabilities through Quality Audits

03 May 2019

  The original promise of blockchain technology was security. However they might not be as invulnerable as initially thought. Smart contracts, the protocols which govern blockchain transactions, have yielded under targeted attacks in the past. The intricacies of these protocols lets programmers implement anything that the core system allows, which includes inserting loops in the […]

Security Token Offerings (STOs): Upping the Game

27 Feb 2019

We’ve come a long way since the Dutch issued the first initial public offerings (IPOs) in the seventeenth century. With the advent of crypto-currency, companies and corporations have new channels to access capital from markets and investors. Crowd-funding, for instance, is now a viable option for companies seeking capital across sectors. Crypto-currency in itself has […]

How Cryptography is Essential Feature in BlockChain

06 Feb 2019

In blockchain technology, cryptography is primarily used for two purposes: To secure the identity of the sender for any transactions. To ensure the past/historical records cannot be tampered with. Blockchain technology widely uses cryptography as a means of protecting the identities of users, ensuring transactions are done safely and securing all information and storages of value. This […]

Cryptography Algorithms and Models

30 Jan 2019

What is Cryptography? In simple layman’s term Cryptography is an art of secret writing. It is necessary when communication in over untrusted network Major functions of cryptography can be classified in following Privacy & confidentiality: To ensure that no one can read or access the message except for  the intended receiver Authentication: The process of […]

Merkle tree and Its linkage to Blockchain

03 Oct 2018

What is Merkle Tree? Merkle Tree is also called as a Binary Hash tree, a type of data structure used for the large set of data. Merkle tree is used where the data required being efficiently summarized and verification of data integrity. It provides critical features necessary for Blockchain Network. Compress large data set, it removes […]

Blockchain BFT- (Byzantine fault tolerance) protocol

27 Sep 2018

BFT as the name suggest stands for “Byzantine fault tolerance”. It is a popular protocol in distributed computing. It has been a very popular model for consensus algorithm where it aims to reduce the scalability issues

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