• Vulnerability of smart contract
  • Consensus algorithm verification
  • Chain forking under high load
  • Privacy and security
  • Network robustness and sustainability

Expert Solutions
Value Propositions

Industry challenges and our solution

Our value proposition

Magic's Blockchain Quality Assurance team is battle-tested and brings its diverse experience to test your product suite.

Our team has the experience of dealing with real-world Blockchain applications. We enable our clients to focus on their product functionality and markets while we take care of the product quality by leveraging our vast test case repository and automation framework.
Smart contract and Blockchain infrastructure are the two most essential components of any Blockchain ecosystem. Magic is fully equipped to test both the functionality of the block as well as Blockchain infrastructure to provide you with a hassle-free and independent validation.
Our team often provides critical and timely feedback to help product owner drive improvements to product functionality and stability.
Magic can scale quickly at short notice to meet your business needs. Our testing team has sound knowledge of the Blockchain infrastructure and can be your extended DevOps and support team if needed.
Magic's offshore leverage, coupled with its team's diverse skills, flexibility to work in different time zones, and above-all, real-life experience of the Blockchain ecosystem will deliver a higher return on your investment in no time.

Our capability

QA's integration with the overall development cycle is often the key to ensuring product quality and stability. Magic has a proven engagement model that ensures success for our clients. There are 4 pillars of this engagement model.



QA Assurance

  • Use case identification
  •  Identification of Functional & non-functional requirements
  • Establish an Operating model
  • Establish suitable Test tools & frameworks
  • QA Strategy
  • Detailed Components structure and their usecases – Nodes, Message, Transactions, Smart contracts
  • Automation Strategy

Enhance Product Ecosystem

  •  Study & document blockchain components, 3rd part APIs & components
  •  Build a functional map of all components
  •  Identify functional, integration & regressional use cases
  •  Identify Non-functional test cases
  • Blockchain Ecosystem
  • Functional Architecture
  • Component Repository
  • Usecases & Scenarios

Test Planning

  •  Test Environment strategy
  •  DevOps strategy
  •  Test Methodology
  • Establish Test Coverage
  • Build Test Automation
  •  Identify Test Data
  • Test Environments
  • Build and Deployment Plan
  • Test Scenarios - Test Suites/Cases
  • Master Data Sets
  • Automaton Scripts

Test Execution

  •  Execute Test cases
  • Component verification
  •  Smart Contract validation
  •  Workflow validation
  • Upstream/Downstream integration verification
  •  Documentation review
  • Test Results
  • Defects
  • Test Reports, Evidences

We bring domain experience and insights while others are still learning

Working as a QA partner for a New York-based niche Blockchain technology provider to leading Wall Street banks and institutions

End-to-end QA experience in core Blockchain infrastructure, network, smart contracts, workflows, and deployments

Experience in Trade Operations, Equity and Credit Derivatives, FX Post Trade, and Reference Data in Blockchain implementations

Our team has a wide range of skills and experience with Blockchain tools

QA Frameworks/Tools  

  • Truffle, Populus, Dapple, Embark, Etherium Tester, Manticore

Blockchain/DLT Systems

  • Corda, Ethereum, hyperledger, Quorum, Chain, openchain


  • Python, Go, Java, Shell, Nodejs, Javascript, Solidity

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Securitize, Magic BlockchainQA Integration Partner

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