Dedicated blockchain QA service center


A New York-based niche Blockchain infrastructure and solution provider to the leading Wall Street financial institutions. Its distributed ledger technology provides secure, multi-party data infrastructure with unparalleled performance. It has deployed distributed ledger technology at scale in some of the world’s most complex asset classes alongside leading financial institutions.

Business Requirement

Distributed ledger infrastructure, developers often double-up to perform testing, leading to quality risks.

There was no independent and dedicated QA team, hence a missing QA mindset and inconsistent QA practices.

Missing QA mindset, inconsistent QA practices


Successfully running QA function from Noida, India, from 6+ months

End-to-end Product Testing - distributed ledger infrastructure and smart contracts

QA integrated into Agile Product Development

Improved quality (fewer production defects) and efficiency (reduced turnaround time) owing to deep client and domain understanding

Automated test execution percentage increased to 60 percent in the regression test bed

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