Blockchain performance benchmarking


A New York-based niche Blockchain technology provider to leading Wall Street banks and institutions. Client’s distributed ledger technology (Blockchain) provides secure, multi-party data infrastructure with unparalleled performance. It has deployed distributed ledger technology at scale in some of the world’s most complex asset classes alongside leading financial institutions.

Business Requirement

The benchmark set by our client was to get a desired load of 10 fpml/sec and 4 messages processing i.e. 40 MPS.

The system should be stable and responsive under peak load as defined by our client.

Since Blockchain was new technology, there were no existing benchmarks of similar products on the market.


Magic’s Blockchain Quality Assurance team partnered with the client in establishing end-to-end QA functional and non-functional solutions for their Blockchain product.

Proper test strategy development after brainstorming discussion with Technical Architects and Product team

Set up performance framework based on client requirements

Test Bed setup in AWS Cloud Network designed to support research into the design, provisioning, and management of services at a global, multi-data center scale

Load deployment and monitoring in a controlled manner

Troubleshoot and identify bottlenecks

Provide detailed reports and analysis to help define benchmarks for product performance results

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